Meet Miles the Mule!  Earning this boys trust has been challenging, but once earned he is a lover. Miles is 4 yrs old and 16 H tall.  He is a very big boy and he is also gaited! We don’t know much about his past, except that he has had some training with Driving.  He was dumped at the livestock auction and we were asked if we could take him. When we picked him up he was very traumatized from the experience, can’t blame him, it’s an awful and scary place. His first two months here he was allowed to simply hang out, eat grass and make new friends. Once he was comfortable and his confidence started to return, he was put into light training. He is doing well and has lots of new friends at our training barn, both equine and human. We are intentionally moving slowly with his training, working through his trigger points as we find them. Due to his size we need to make sure he is steady and safe before being ready for adoption. We want to be confident that he wil never end up back at the auction pen.  We are so optimistic for Miles’ future. This boy will truly be able to go in any direction


Ava is a gorgeous Yakima Mustang currently training. She is one of the smartest horses we have had the pleasure of gentling. She is 14 H and has a srong, solid build. Though still in the “flight” mode, she has never shown signs of aggression to us or any of the other animals here at the Ranch. She is trying so hard to overcome her fears, wanting badly to connect with us. She is curious, sensitive and level headed. Ava is progressing rapidly and we anticipate her being under saddle soon.  She will make a loyal, loving partner for some lucky Human


Scarlet is a 3 to 4 year old miniature mare. This little girl is a bit on the sassy side and needs a human who will work with her using herd dynamics rather than pressure. Her natural defenses were on high alert when she first arrived, always ready to fight back with whatever she had when she felt threatened, which was ALL the time. On arrival she was unable to determine wether these new humans were going to be gentle to her, or use force to get results, so she was fighting back at even the smallest approach. She is learning that not all humans are going to force her into submission, and she now seeks us out, even following us around the ranch when we are doing the chores. Scarlet still needs alot of handling before she can be adopted out. We have started taking her on walks around the neighborhood, which she thoroughly enjoys, but she needs more groundwork and exposure to outside stimulants. From her behaviour we think that she was kept in a confined space with very limited exposure to the world. She had never seen a dog before…..   We guess that her previous owners were unable to think “outside the box” of training techniques, and just gave up on her when they couldn’t force her to give to pressure. Scarlet wants to have a good life. Each day she makes a little progress with trust. Scarlet halters and leads, she loads easily into the trailer and ties well. Pretty sure she actually likes us, she’s just not willing to admit it yet. …


Jake is a 16H Quarter Horse gelding who has served humans his entire life. Formerly used as a Ranch horse, his gentle nature and willingness to please us always, sadly wasn’t enough to earn him a loving retirement. Jake got old, and once deemed unserviceable for ranch work, Jake was dumped at the auction yard. When we were informed of his plight, we made room for Jake here. He came to us very thin, dehydrated and dispirited, with severe bruising on all 4 feet as well as a painful abcess. We immediately started him on good hay, alfalfa and supplements. We noticed he was having difficulty chewing his hay, so as soon as he was healthy enough we scheduled a dental for him. Our vet determined that he had more than likely never had his teeth floated, and that his was in his mid-twenties. Jake is rideable and has a sweet, curious personality with many years of gentle trail riding left in him. He is currently in a Foster Home with a large pasture of gorgeous grass, and spends his days munching happily away with his new equine buddies, just focused on gaining weight. Jake will be looking for his new home this summer. If you are looking for a solid, gentle senior for pleasure rides and companionship, come and meet Jake!


  1. Spice is a gorgeous 12 yr old registered appendix quarter horse rescued from Sunnyside Feed Lot.  From what we can tell, Spice was injured quite severely on her front left hoof. Rather than getting her care, they dumped her at an auction. She was very distrustful for the first couple months, so we took our time working with her, letting her ease into the rythm of our place on her own terms. She eventually stopped heading the other direction when a human came near her, and started whinnying a greeeting instead. She has healed significantly, and we have started her on trail riding slowly. She has the most amazing, smooth trot…….dreamy.  Contact us to set up a meet and greet with this stunning girl!


        ***** HALO is the sweetest, gentlest, most loyal horse I have yet to meet.  She was dumped at the Kill Lot because she got old. Her teeth got old, she was losing a significant amount of weight…so they dumped her. We agreed to bring her here, and she has made life here at the Ranch so much better!! Now healthy, she is a force to be reckoned with. Our younger horses can’t keep up with her on the trails. We use her to train our younger horses daily. She is patient, kind and oh so wise…..Estimated to be around 25, she acts and moves out life she’s 12. Halo has a loving Sponsor and will remain here at the Rescue for the remainder of her life.  Just goes to show you, never underestimate and older horse.  They deserve a chance too !


          ************************ SHYLO IS A 22 YR old BLM Mustang from Palomino Butte. Shylo worked as a ranch horse for several years at the Shy Ranch in Colorado He was then sold in his late teens to a couple in eastern Oregon. He was very loved for a couple of years, and then the family fell on very hard times. We were asked to take Shylo in and find him a loving, lasting home. Shylo needed a tune up as he had been sitting in a field for about 2 years. So I introduced myself, let him get to know me, and then started riding. What a joy this horse is to work with! We have spent about 40 hours of riding time together, and we have enjoyed every moment of it. There is absolutely nothing this lovely boy won’t do for you once you’ve earned his trust. He is phenomenal. Big, strong and solid both in body and mind. I personally will be honored to find him his own loving human, but I will also be very, very sad to see him go. ….