1. Spice is a gorgeous 12 yr old registered appendix quarter horse rescued from Sunnyside Feed Lot.  From what we can tell, Spice was injured quite severely on her front left hoof. Rather than getting her care, they dumped her at an auction. She was very distrustful for the first couple months, so we took our time working with her, letting her ease into the rythm of our place on her own terms. She eventually stopped heading the other direction when a human came near her, and started whinnying a greeeting instead. She has healed significantly, and we have started her on trail riding slowly. She has the most amazing, smooth trot…….dreamy.  Contact us to set up a meet and greet with this stunning girl!


        ***** HALO is the sweetest, gentlest, most loyal horse I have yet to meet.  She was dumped at the Kill Lot because she got old. Her teeth got old, she was losing a significant amount of weight…so they dumped her. We agreed to bring her here, and she has made life here at the Ranch so much better!! Now healthy, she is a force to be reckoned with. Our younger horses can’t keep up with her on the trails. We use her to train our younger horses daily. She is patient, kind and oh so wise…..Estimated to be around 25, she acts and moves out life she’s 12. Halo has a loving Sponsor and will remain here at the Rescue for the remainder of her life.  Just goes to show you, never underestimate and older horse.  They deserve a chance too !


          ************************ SHYLO IS A 22 YR old BLM Mustang from Palomino Butte. Shylo worked as a ranch horse for several years at the Shy Ranch in Colorado He was then sold in his late teens to a couple in eastern Oregon. He was very loved for a couple of years, and then the family fell on very hard times. We were asked to take Shylo in and find him a loving, lasting home. Shylo needed a tune up as he had been sitting in a field for about 2 years. So I introduced myself, let him get to know me, and then started riding. What a joy this horse is to work with! We have spent about 40 hours of riding time together, and we have enjoyed every moment of it. There is absolutely nothing this lovely boy won’t do for you once you’ve earned his trust. He is phenomenal. Big, strong and solid both in body and mind. I personally will be honored to find him his own loving human, but I will also be very, very sad to see him go. ….


            ************** Lobo is an 11 yr old Devils Garden Mustang gelding. Lobo is beautiful, smart, curious and so desperately wanting to connect. He was very low in the herd’s pecking order.  He came in very thin and covered with scars, with zero confidence, afraid of everything. We are not pushing this gorgeous boy. Some horses simply take longer than others. He is now halter trained, and has begun to allow some touching. We were finally able to detangle his mane and brush the front part of his body. He is powerfully built and will make an amazing mountain/trail horse. After 4 months here, gradually accepting his new environment and the presence of humans, we feel he is finally ready to go the the trainers. Next week will be the beginning of the rest of this beautiful boys life. Stay tuned!


Kona is a big, beautiful BLM Mustang gelding from Rock Creek, Nevada. Captured in November, 2016 he was entered into the
Trainer Incentive Program (TIP). He was adopted from the TIP trainer but sadly things did not work out. Shortly before he was to be returned to BLM we saw a post about him on Facebook and contacted the current owner. We agreed to take Kona in to the Rescue and get him Re-Started. He is currently in our training program

Dickens the Mini Mule

  • Dickens is a develish, trouble making little cutie.
    Recently gelded, he is approximately 2 years old and is always trying to play “King” of the paddock. Even though his companionss are more than twice his size, he is always busy micro-managing their every move. We are confident he will grow out of this.
  • Dickens is learning to walk on a lead and goes for evening strolls around the neighborhood with our resident Anatolian Shepard .  We are training Dickens to be a trail-riding companion,

Shilo and Halo

These two mares were at the Sunnyside Feedlot in WA.  Halo (on the right) formerly tag #1100 is approximately 23 years old, and had been at the lot for several weeks. She was not gaining weight due to neglect of her dental care and she was unable to chew her food. No one would step up to take her home. Shilo had also been at the lot for a long time. Formerly Tag #1293, Shilo had several people express interest in her, but after two months of being on the feedlot, sadly it was just a bunch of people commenting on Facebook, with no one actually acting on their words. So here they are at AAM, and we adore these girls! Turns out Shilo is an 11 year old registered Quarter Horse. She had an injury on her left front foot, which  is healing slowly but nicely. We believe  she will be a nice non-competitive riding horse very soon. Halo the older mare is unstoppable!! After getting her teeth done and receiving endless hay and lots of warm mash with supplements, she is always ready to go! She’s been on several trail rides with us, and the younger horses can’t keep up with her.  Whoever threw this Horse away…..well, let’s just say it’s their loss. And leave it at that.