We are a small Equine Rescue located in Southern Oregon, focused on the plight of the American Wild Mustang.  Our goal is to focus intensely on each and every Mustang we take in to our care, where they will receive daily attention and human interaction. The horses are brought up to optimum health and gentled.  Once handleable, the horses are put into a training program designed to bring out each one’s unique qualities in preparation for placement to approved, loving homes.

Many horse lovers are wary of adopting a Mustang, believing that they are too wild, too difficult or expensive to train, that they will destroy fences and structures.  And sadly Mustangs are often overlooked as a choice when adopters are considering a new horse.

Our Mission at AAM is to help build positive and lasting relationships between humans and the American Wild Mustang.

Adopting a Mustang is a unique, life changing experience. When you have earned the trust of a Mustang, you have earned the gift of a loyal, lifelong partner.  They are extremely intelligent, intuitive and responsive.  We believe them to be one of this country’s greatest natural resources, though considered a nuisance by cattle ranchers, they are sadly unappreciated and slowly being eliminated from our lands.  With approximately 45,000 Mustangs currently being held in government holding facilities there is an enormous need for what our organization offers. This is an ongoing process. Each time a Mustang is successfully adopted, there is another waiting to be rescued.     AAM facilitates placing our gentled and trained Mustangs into loving, responsible homes and provides continuing education and support after placement to ensure a successful adoption.

Though we specialize in Mustangs,  AAM is committed to all Equines in need of care due to abuse, abandonment or neglect. AAM also works with other Rescues by offering assistance through networking and equine transportation coordination.  Horses accepted into our Equine Rescue Program are horses that we feel, with proper nutrition, rehabilitation and training, we will be able to rehome. We are a small Rescue and do not have the capacity to offer life long sanctuary.  Though some of our horses do remain here for years, the goal is always to find the right home. Sponsors for these horses are greatly appreciated, as are appproved Foster Care Providers.  With the help of Sponsors and Foster Care we are able to expand our resources and assist more Equines in need.  If you are able to become a Sponsor or a Foster Care Provider please contact us at AAM.