Tesla is a 13 year old BLM Mustang mare from Stinking water hma. Tesla has been through alot since being thrust into the world of humans. Unfortunately a lot of it was not good. Fortunately, Tesla has had some very caring people backing her for the past two years, and she is now well on her way to being an amazing equine partner. Tesla is a phenomenal trail horse. Powerfully built, she can sit for months and then go out on a 20 mile ride without breaking a sweat. A natural athelete she would excel at Endurance or Cross Country Eventing, she loves to jump on the course!. She has amazing hooves. Tesla requires a home where she will be ridden frequently. She does well in the arena also, but does not do well with prolonged inactivity. This horse was built for riding. Tesla is for Experienced riders only. Most importantly, She needs a Human to connect with and build a lasting partnership. Tesla will give everything she has to the Human who wins her heart.



Dexter is an adorable 9 year Hackney Pony gelding. He is not your typical pony. Dexter is very gentle. He has never shown inclination to kick, bite or misbehave. He lifts his feet willingly, and practically loads himself into the trailer. We don’t know much about Dexter… he shows signs of being used hard. We guess that he came from some type of horse riding business that possibly went out of business, or liquidated some horses for whatever reason. There were 3 ponies that went through a Texas auction, all looking very similar. The other 2, which were older and had more scars than Dexter, sold to higher prices. There was not much interest in Dexter though…. We had some friends who were attending the auction, and we were interested in offering him a soft landing. So Dexter came to Oregon. We absolutely adore this pony. We have been taking it very, very slow with him. It is obvious that he has not been treated with kindness, so this was our first goal. Dexter is very kind. He is truly a little Gentleman. Contact us to meet Dexter!


June is ready for a Home of her own! This beautiful 25 year old appaloosa mare was dumped at an auction, we can only assume due to her age. The Auction was in the middle of winter, 2019, and the amount of participants attending and bidding was dismal. Attended primarily by kill buyers, we were determined to keep this old girl safe. After purchasing June, she went to a foster home for 11 months, and has only recently come here to the AAM facility. June is in good health, and is a wonderful riding horse. Sensible and sure footed, this is a no drama on the trails Mare. June is NOT ready for retirement! She enjoys being out and about, and will cross over anything in the trails path, logs, creeks, you name it. She will only be adopted to a home that will not only spoil her, but also ride her. She does fine on moderate hills and needs a rider who enjoys non-mountainous, gentle riding. June is current on vaccinations and has recently had her teeth floated for the second time.


Elliot is quite a character. In the past year that he has been here at AAM, his personality has really evolved. He was shy and jumpy, showing no interest in joining up. All he wanted to do was hide behind the other horses. Now he thinks he is King of the world. He stands for the farrier, leads, loads and ties, he goes over obstacles and through puddles…Elliot is funny and gentle and curious. He is also stubborn and a tad bit lazy. He can be sometimes tricky to catch until he gets to know you, once he trusts you he is easy to catch and halter. Elliot has been with tiny horses, huge horses, donkeys and dogs. He will need a home with at least one other young horse to keep him physically motivated. Elliot has a very slight roach back, and is NOT being offered as a riding pony. He would make a lovely cart pony, or hiking companion. He is trained to carry backpacks and loves to be in charge of carrying the hiking day picnic.


Bandit is the sweetest little Medicine Hat pony you will ever meet. For reasons we will never know or understand, this little guy was sent to a Texas auction at a very young age. Some friends of ours were at the auction and contacted us upon seeing him, asking if we would take him. When Bandit first arrived he was the saddest horse we’d ever seen. Horribly thin, and with absolutely no interest for anything. His eyes lacked any spark whatsoever. He missed his mama….. We got him on a healthy diet and his weight picked up, but he still showed no enthusiasm for life. He never played or even ran around the pasture as young horses generally do. He was introduced to several horses here, and while he did not get into fights, he also did not create any bonds. Until he was put in with Halo. Halo is a 30 yr old mare we rescued from a feedlot 3 years ago. She’d been abandoned by humans due to her age and rapid weight loss (her teeth had never been done) She was frequently picked on by other horses. When these two met the bond was instant and amazing. Halo even allowed Bandit to mock nurse from her when he needed comfort. They have were inseperable. Bandit has fluorished because of the love and kindness shown by this old mare. He now plays! He zooms around the paddocks, he bucks and cavorts. His confidence is wonderful to see. Bandit is now ready for ahome to call his own. He has been gelded, and current on all vaccinations and deworming. Please contact us if you would like to meet bandit or for more info as to when he will be available



Huck is a sweetheart. Standing at 16H, he is between 10 and 12 yrs old. This hunky quarter horse apparently had some bucking issues which made his owners feel that it was okay to dump him at the livestock auction. We raised the funds to purchase him and he was brought to AAM. First thing we did was to asses his physical issues…why did he buck? His feet were in horrible shape with severe thrush in all 4 hooves. He’d received no hoof care in at least a year by the looks of him, and he was in a great deal of pain. We addressed those issues first. Then we had our equine acupuncturist and laser specialist work on him. He had severe pain in several parts of his body, so he began regular treatments. After 8 weeks of treatment he was cleared for some arena work, and Huck is doing great!!! This lovely boy will be available in the next couple weeks, ready to be a trail horse deluxe. Go Huck!!



Bella is a bit of a firecracker. This beautiful little 10 yr old mare is about 37″ and thinks she’s a full size chestnut mare. Bella can be difficult to win over, but is very sweet once you do. We don’t know much about her past except that she came from a hoarding situation. She eventually ended up in a home with some very nice people, but she can be intimidating, so here she is with us. Bella is used to dogs, donkeys, other minis as well as big horses. She is the perfect size for a cart pony, and is curious and very smart. She tries to be pushy and has obviously gotten away with this behavior in the past. She would do best in a home with a horse savvy adult who can be gentle with her, but also firm when necessary. She is unpredictable at farrier sessions. Sometimes she does good, sometimes not. Bella leads and loads fine. This little cutie will need work and patience, but she is well worth the effort. Contact us if you would like to meet Bella.



Bean is a Hoot! This little guy came to us from Texas as a stallion, but we quickly fixed that problem! Bean was covered in scars from past fights and completely incapable of making friends with other equines. After he was gelded the change in his personality was almost instantaneous. He is now mellow and funny and a joy to be around. He is responding to training so well that he has been entered into our “Trail Buddy Program”. This program is roughly a year of training, preparing the horses for all types of trail situations wether their humans are hiking, biking or horseback riding. Bean will also learn how to carry a pack saddle for hauling picnic lunches and snacks. Bean is 35″ tall and weighs approx 175 pounds. At just 5 yrs old he is incredibly smart and a quick learner. We are looking forward to LOTS of adventures while training little Bean over the next year.



Clara is an adorable little senior girl, standing at 36″. We guess her to be around 20 yrs old. She was extremely standoffish on arrival. Everything was “No”. But she is so stinking cute that we just didn’t pay any attention. It didn’t take long to get her interested and participating in walks, grooming and affection. Clara is fine with other minis, but genuinely prefers the company of full size horses, making her a perfect candidate for a companion horse. This lovely chocolate palomino mare is ready for her Home! Contact us if you would like to meet Clara


Scamp is the sweetest boy. He can be shy at first and takes a bit to earn his trust. This delightful Miniature Donkey stands at 35″ and is approximately 6 years old. Scamp is now halter trained and leads, loads in the trailer pretty well, stands tied patiently and loves to be petted. Scamp is looking for a human who likes to go for walks with him, long leisurely strolls around the neighborhood, and who will understand that he is a shy boy who needs a gentle, loving leader who will help him overcome his shyness. Scamp will need to be adopted with his best friend Oscar