Bandit is the sweetest little Medicine Hat pony you will ever meet. For reasons we will never know or understand, this little guy was sent to a Texas auction at a very young age. Some friends of ours were at the auction and contacted us upon seeing him, asking if we would take him. When Bandit first arrived he was the saddest horse we’d ever seen. Horribly thin, and with absolutely no interest for anything. His eyes lacked any spark whatsoever. He missed his mama….. We got him on a healthy diet and his weight picked up, but he still showed no enthusiasm for life. He never played or even ran around the pasture as young horses generally do. He was introduced to several horses here, and while he did not get into fights, he also did not create any bonds. Until he was put in with Halo. Halo is a 30 yr old mare we rescued from a feedlot 3 years ago. She’d been abandoned by humans due to her age and rapid weight loss (her teeth had never been done) She was frequently picked on by other horses. When these two met the bond was instant and amazing. Halo even allowed Bandit to mock nurse from her when he needed comfort. They have were inseperable. Bandit has fluorished because of the love and kindness shown by this old mare. He now plays! He zooms around the paddocks, he bucks and cavorts. His confidence is wonderful to see. Bandit is now ready for ahome to call his own. He has been gelded, and current on all vaccinations and deworming. Please contact us if you would like to meet bandit or for more info as to when he will be available