Bean is a Hoot! This little guy came to us from Texas as a stallion, but we quickly fixed that problem! Bean was covered in scars from past fights and completely incapable of making friends with other equines. After he was gelded the change in his personality was almost instantaneous. He is now mellow and funny and a joy to be around. He is responding to training so well that he has been entered into our “Trail Buddy Program”. This program is roughly a year of training, preparing the horses for all types of trail situations wether their humans are hiking, biking or horseback riding. Bean will also learn how to carry a pack saddle for hauling picnic lunches and snacks. Bean is 35″ tall and weighs approx 175 pounds. At just 5 yrs old he is incredibly smart and a quick learner. We are looking forward to LOTS of adventures while training little Bean over the next year.