Bella is a bit of a firecracker. This beautiful little 10 yr old mare is about 37″ and thinks she’s a full size chestnut mare. Bella can be difficult to win over, but is very sweet once you do. We don’t know much about her past except that she came from a hoarding situation. She eventually ended up in a home with some very nice people, but she can be intimidating, so here she is with us. Bella is used to dogs, donkeys, other minis as well as big horses. She is the perfect size for a cart pony, and is curious and very smart. She tries to be pushy and has obviously gotten away with this behavior in the past. She would do best in a home with a horse savvy adult who can be gentle with her, but also firm when necessary. She is unpredictable at farrier sessions. Sometimes she does good, sometimes not. Bella leads and loads fine. This little cutie will need work and patience, but she is well worth the effort. Contact us if you would like to meet Bella.