UPDATE: Brynna, now named Kat, is living the life every wild horse dreams of at Skydog Sanctuary. After months of discussion, Skydog agreed to give life long sanctuary to this very special mare. She is thriving, and even has a boyfriend!

After a year of trying, and working with several trainers, we realized that she was never going to accept fully being domesticated.  Can’t say that we blame her. Not having the land necessary for a wild horse to live out its life on, with the primary concern being able to keep their hooves at a healthy length, we’re very grateful to Skydog for giving her a chance. After being captured at 8 months old, kept in a metal pen for FIVE YEARS, she is now doing what she should have been allowed to do the whole time…..being a horse.

When she arrived: Brynna is a BLM Mustang. She was captured when she was under a year old and is now 6. She has been living in a government holding facility this entire time. Brynna is very wary of humans, and has been the most challenging Mustang so far. We are hopeful that we can work successfully with her and help to create a rewarding life for her. Brynna is not available for adoption at this time.