Scamp is the sweetest boy. He can be shy at first and takes a bit to earn his trust. This delightful Miniature Donkey stands at 35″ and is approximately 6 years old. Scamp is now halter trained and leads, loads in the trailer pretty well, stands tied patiently and loves to be petted. Scamp is looking for a human who likes to go for walks with him, long leisurely strolls around the neighborhood, and who will understand that he is a shy boy who needs a gentle, loving leader who will help him overcome his shyness. Scamp will need to be adopted with his best friend Oscar

Peaches & Duncan


These two lovely Donkeys became very bonded at the feedlot in Texas, before we were able to bail them out. They are available for adoption as a pair only. Peaches is approximately 12 yrs old, and Duncan the gelding is estimated at 6 yrs. They have learned to be haltered and have started to lead. Both load into the trailer well. Peaches still needs work on her manners for the farrier. Both have been vaccinated, dewormed. Peaches was in bad shape on arrival and needed emergency hoof care and body work. Barely able to walk, she now walks and trots pain free. Loving and funny and ready to offer their complete loyalty and friendship!


Dickens is a Mini Mule gelding, 33 inches tall. Dickens was quite a handful when we first met him. But he has turned into one of the most affectionate of our equine residents. Dickens loves to go for walks around the neighborhood, and will help out with the chores. He loads into the trailer great, leads, ties, stands for farrier (most of the time)  He is still learning to accept being ponied out on trail, as he much prefers to follow along without a lead. But he is so much fun to take along as a riding buddy. He was horrible with dogs upon arrival, but now trots along with them on the trail, only   occasionally trying to chase them. Dickens is not a perfect angel. He can be quite devious at times. But he is loving and funny and a joy to be around. He is still learning to like having his ears touched, but we are getting there. Dickens is ready for his new Home. Contact us if you would like to meet Dickens


Skye is a gorgeous Yakima Mustang mare, standing at 15.1 H. Her age is yet to be determined. Skye is still in the gentling phase of her training and will not be available for a couple more months. This is one of our favorite horses here at AAM. She tries harder than anyone. She is still very  motivated by flight mode, but works so hard to fight that instinct. She wants badly to connect and overcome her fear, and we are working steadily to help her through this. She is amazingly responsive to vocal praise, you can see her eyes and body relax immnediately when she realizes she is being praised. Skye is extremely intelligent and very sensitive to her surroundings, both human and equine. We are both excited and honored to have her here with us. Every time we work with her we move a little more forward in her training. For those of you who have gentled mustangs, you know how remarkable this is.  She is going to be an amazing partner for someone soon



Paco is a gaited Rocky Mountain gelding , 15.1 H and 5 yrs old.  Paco came to us having never been handled. At all. We have been working steadily with him and he has become such a loving partner.  Paco is still green but absolutely LOVES being out on the trails. Paco will need a dedicated human who loves to ride trails to continue putting miles on him. He does not enjoy arena work and gets bored indoors very easily. Paco has been in training for 4 months and is ready for Adoption. Paco is currently in Eagle Point, if you would like to meet this lovely gaited trail horse who is loaded with potential, contact us!


Utah is a Yakima Mustang mare who was trapped and penned near Toppenish, WA. Because she was pregnant, she was offered up for sale rather than be sent to slaughter. Utah was purchased by a Rescue in WA and then sent to a foster home in Bend, OR to have her baby.  After having the foal, we were asked to help with this duo.  We picked up Utah and her baby whom we named Scout and brought them to AAM. The pair were allowed to just hang out until scout was 7 months old and then we started the weaning process. Scout has since been adopted into a wonderful home, and Utah is progressing well in her training. She is difficult to catch at times, and still has a ways to go, but this little mare is incredibly smart and a beautiful mover.




Miles the Mule! Miles is 4 to 5 yrs old and 16 H. Miles is shy but sweet, and very affectionate once you earn his trust. Miles is another one of our intakes that was dumped at a livestock auction. He was terrified when he arrived at AAM. We let him just settle in and enjoy life again for the first 6 weeks he was here. He is now in training with Alena Clancy and is learning how to pull a cart. Miles will be available for adoption very soon. He is currently in Eagle Point, and can be available for a meet & greet if you are interested in this lovely boy



Jake the Gentleman. Such a sweet and gentle boy….  Jake is a Quarter horse gelding, approximately 24 yrs old. Jake worked most of his life on a Ranch, serving humans. Then Jake got old. Jake was then dumped at the livestock auction after his owners considered him to be no longer worth feeding. Jake had lost a great deal of weight due to lack of dental care. A dear friend of ours happened to be at the auction, and after seeing Jake she contacted us and asked if we could please help him. And we did. After clearing Quarantine, we brought Jake to the Ranch and immediately called the Vet out to float his teeth. Our vet said from the poor condition of his mouth, that Jake had probably never had his teeth done, and that they were in poor shape. The good news was that he still had plenty of teeth, which we were very relieved to hear.  After his Dental Jake started to slowly gain weight. His eyes started to sparkle and he began to get playful. After about a week Jake started talking to us. Each time we were in the paddock with him he would stop and whinny to us, almost like he was telling us about his day. Jake is currently in a Foster home where he gets to eat grass all day long, which he needs. Jake is in good overall physical condition, very rideable still for gentle trail rides, and he gets along well with his pasture mates. Jake is 16 H, so he’s a very big boy! Jake will be available for adoption after his second dental procedure, which is scheduled for late June.


Oscar the Donkey is sweet and gentle. He is 9 years old.  For whatever reason Oscar was kept a Stallion, resulting in a lifetime of solitude and sadness. Severely neglected, his halter had been left on for so long that it has caused scarring. First thing we did was take that halter off, he had a bleeding wound beneath it which must have been extremely painful. His hooves were in very bad shape as well. Oscar shows sign of having been beaten, but wants so desperately to trust us. He is letting us pet him and love him as long as we don’t raise our arms, which causes him to lunge away and then freeze in fear. For now Oscar is in a pasture with Simon the mini. We have the vet scheduled to come out and geld him, after which he can then be allowed to slowly meet the rest of the herd. He wants a buddy so badly. ….  Oscar will be available for adoption as soon as his veterinary needs and hooves have been attended to.

UPATE ON OSCAR  — Oscar is now a self proclaimed Therapy Donkey! Spreading joy and love to whomever he meets. He loves to be hugged and talked to. He has gained so much confidence and is no longer afraid of humans, he loves to be loved.  His best friend is Scamp the mini donkey, and they must be adopted together


Lakota is a 17 yr old BLM Mustang mare from Round Mountain HMA. Lakota has been through numerous owners, and eventually ended up for free on Craigs List in central California. Lakota stands up for herself and will not tolerate humans who have no idea what they are doing. She can see right through any facade. Her ability to stand her ground has led her through a lifetime of rough handling, of humans who have tried to force her rather than ask her. When asked, she can be amazingly gentle and compliant. Lakota will need a confident horse person who can meet her on her own terms. Firm but gentle. For the right person, Lakota will be the best, most loyal partner one could hope for. Contact us if you feel you might be that person and would like to meet this beautiful mare