Dakota & Denali

This mother and son pair arrived at AAM never having been handled by humans. They were underweight and loaded with parasites. The colt, Dakota, accepted human contact within a couple of weeks.  His mother Denali who is approximately 15, was more wary.  After focusing on their nutrition, and gelding Dakota, they were haltered and taught to lead.  Denali was offered for adoption as a companion animal, and the pair were adopted by “V” in northern Oregon. “V” was not an experienced horse woman, but she’d dreamed of adopting a wild mustang and adding that experience to her life’s goals.  After much communication, we decided that “V” was the right human for this pair. Her generous spirit and enthusiasm was exactly what they needed.  This new family is doing very well, and learning from each other daily.  We always look forward to updates, which “V” generously supplies for us.