Dexter is an adorable 9 year Hackney Pony gelding. He is not your typical pony. Dexter is very gentle. He has never shown inclination to kick, bite or misbehave. He lifts his feet willingly, and practically loads himself into the trailer. We don’t know much about Dexter… he shows signs of being used hard. We guess that he came from some type of horse riding business that possibly went out of business, or liquidated some horses for whatever reason. There were 3 ponies that went through a Texas auction, all looking very similar. The other 2, which were older and had more scars than Dexter, sold to higher prices. There was not much interest in Dexter though…. We had some friends who were attending the auction, and we were interested in offering him a soft landing. So Dexter came to Oregon. We absolutely adore this pony. We have been taking it very, very slow with him. It is obvious that he has not been treated with kindness, so this was our first goal. Dexter is very kind. He is truly a little Gentleman. Contact us to meet Dexter!