Dickens is a Mini Mule gelding, 33 inches tall. Dickens was quite a handful when we first met him. But he has turned into one of the most affectionate of our equine residents. Dickens loves to go for walks around the neighborhood, and will help out with the chores. He loads into the trailer great, leads, ties, stands for farrier (most of the time)  He is still learning to accept being ponied out on trail, as he much prefers to follow along without a lead. But he is so much fun to take along as a riding buddy. He was horrible with dogs upon arrival, but now trots along with them on the trail, only   occasionally trying to chase them. Dickens is not a perfect angel. He can be quite devious at times. But he is loving and funny and a joy to be around. He is still learning to like having his ears touched, but we are getting there. Dickens is ready for his new Home. Contact us if you would like to meet Dickens