Faith In

After a lifetime of abuse and repeated starvation, FaithIn resided at AAM for many years. We had a lot of issues to work through. Though malnourished and prone to ulcers and colic, this beautiful leopard appaloosa’s physical health was much easier to address than his mental and spiritual health. ¬†Shortly before AAM was contacted about him, he had been in 5 homes in 2 months. The last home had traded him for a lawn mower. He was named FaithIn because of all the horses we’d taken in, this horse truly needed to have Faith In something… ¬†Intelligent, gentle and very sensitive, FaithIn is a horse that does not like his surroundings to change. Though he was secure here at AAM, he was often distressed by other horses coming in to the Rescue and then being adopted. He didn’t understand that this was a good thing, he only knew that his new friend had been led away and never seen again. We realized that he need to be in a home where all the animals lived there permanently, so he wouldn’t have to worry so much. He is now living on a large property with several other horses and miniature donkeys. He has gained weight and is keeping it on. We visit him at his new home every month. He is happy, secure and stress-free.