Gypsy is a 19 yr old BLM Mustang mare who has been through more than any Horse should. In the past three years Gypsy has been through six different owners, none of whom tried to actually figure out what was going on with this gorgeous mare. Until she was adopted by Jo. Jo took Gypsy in and started to gently rehabilitate her, taking the time to earn her trust and build a solid relationship. Gypsy has impaired vision in her right eye which was causing her to dangerously react to visual stimuli. Thinking she was being difficult, her previous owners used force with her. Jo took the time to figure out the problem with her vision, and began training her to work through the issues. Sadly, Jo was diagnosed with cancer and couldn’t work with Gypsy anymore. Jo reached out to the Rescue community for help, not wanting Gypsy to fall back into the same pattern of rehoming over and over again. We are currently working with Gypsy daily, focusing on reducing her reactions to visual stimuli, and she is progressing nicely.  Gypsy may never be a solid trail horse, but she is excelling at arena riding.  She is comfortable with the surroundings and is accedpting the visual challenges we present to her. We have high hopes for this lovely girl. She is sweet, gentle and kind