Jake the Gentleman. Such a sweet and gentle boy….  Jake is a Quarter horse gelding, approximately 24 yrs old. Jake worked most of his life on a Ranch, serving humans. Then Jake got old. Jake was then dumped at the livestock auction after his owners considered him to be no longer worth feeding. Jake had lost a great deal of weight due to lack of dental care. A dear friend of ours happened to be at the auction, and after seeing Jake she contacted us and asked if we could please help him. And we did. After clearing Quarantine, we brought Jake to the Ranch and immediately called the Vet out to float his teeth. Our vet said from the poor condition of his mouth, that Jake had probably never had his teeth done, and that they were in poor shape. The good news was that he still had plenty of teeth, which we were very relieved to hear.  After his Dental Jake started to slowly gain weight. His eyes started to sparkle and he began to get playful. After about a week Jake started talking to us. Each time we were in the paddock with him he would stop and whinny to us, almost like he was telling us about his day. Jake is currently in a Foster home where he gets to eat grass all day long, which he needs. Jake is in good overall physical condition, very rideable still for gentle trail rides, and he gets along well with his pasture mates. Jake is 16 H, so he’s a very big boy! Jake will be available for adoption after his second dental procedure, which is scheduled for late June.