UPDATE: Lakota has responded very well, she is now taking the bit with no problems, and is being ridden by Ali Rainwater. She is now ready for adoption. Please contact us to meet this beautiful girl.

When she arrived: Lakota is a fifteen-year-old BLM Mustang Mare, originally rounded up from Northern California. We’re still in the process of tracking down her information as Lakota has been through many homes. She’s had a couple of good homes and several bad ones from what we can tell. She’s rideable and moves out like a dream.  But the abuse she has suffered has made her extremely defensive.

We’re working through this patiently with her. Out of fear she has chosen to posture aggression when first approached, which can be off-putting to people who have not dealt with abused horses before. She has some traumatic scarring on both of her hind legs, and is very protective of herself. Having no idea what the person who did this to her actually subjected her to, we are taking it very slowly.  She’s having the same issue with the bit. She’s been thoroughly checked over and had her teeth done and there is no physical reason for her to have problems, so we can only surmise that this issue too, has been caused by a human.

She is responding to our patience and care, and we feel that she will be rehabilitated successfully.  She will make some lucky person an amazing trail horse someday soon.  If you are interested in meeting Lakota please contact us.