Oscar the Donkey is sweet and gentle. He is 9 years old.  For whatever reason Oscar was kept a Stallion, resulting in a lifetime of solitude and sadness. Severely neglected, his halter had been left on for so long that it has caused scarring. First thing we did was take that halter off, he had a bleeding wound beneath it which must have been extremely painful. His hooves were in very bad shape as well. Oscar shows sign of having been beaten, but wants so desperately to trust us. He is letting us pet him and love him as long as we don’t raise our arms, which causes him to lunge away and then freeze in fear. For now Oscar is in a pasture with Simon the mini. We have the vet scheduled to come out and geld him, after which he can then be allowed to slowly meet the rest of the herd. He wants a buddy so badly. ….  Oscar will be available for adoption as soon as his veterinary needs and hooves have been attended to.

UPATE ON OSCAR  — Oscar is now a self proclaimed Therapy Donkey! Spreading joy and love to whomever he meets. He loves to be hugged and talked to. He has gained so much confidence and is no longer afraid of humans, he loves to be loved.  His best friend is Scamp the mini donkey, and they must be adopted together