Penny was voluntarily surrendered to AAM in February 2017. She had foundered over the summer and fall of 2016, so was pulled off the pasture and put into a dry field with approximately 40 other horses.  Penny then developed abscesses in both front feet.  In too much pain to walk far, she could not compete with the other horses for food. She slowly began to starve. As her strength diminished and winter set in, she was unable to move out of the hock-high mud and feces she was left standing in, and infection moved into the open abscesses.  With her immune system compromised she began to develop skin rot on both hind legs.

The home where we found her in this condition had apparently “rescued” Penny.  She’d been abandoned along with her pony companion when her human family moved away.  They simply left them at the property completely alone.

Penny is slowly beginning to show improvement. Turns out she is only eight years old. She has a very sweet nature, and even with all that she has endured at the hands of humans, she is still loving and willing to trust again. Penny will not be available for adoption for several months, as she is still recovering from the skin rot and abscesses. She has required regular hoof soaking with Epsom salts, as well as antibiotics and lots of hay and supplements.  She’s moving a little easier now and putting on weight.  Penny is in need of a sponsor to help her return to health.