Rollo is a 9 year old miniature horse gelding. Shortly before we got Rollo he’d had some sort of trauma that resulted in complete vision loss in his right eye. Whatever the trauma was, caused not only physical damage but mental as well. He was abandoned shortly after the “incident”. We are working with him to help him adjust to his new limitations. He lacks confidence and is fearful, his trust for humans was destroyed at some point. He has scars on his face caused from very long term wearing of a rope halter. The scars are permanent. The pain he endured as his face grew around this tiny rope halter must have been excrutiating. He is slowly gaining confidence, and seeking out certain humans that he has learned to trust. Rollo will most likely be with us for quite a while. He will need a great deal of love and patience. But he is one of the sweetest little guys we’ve ever met. Not a mean bone in his body, not even to other horses or dogs. He will need a very loving human, one who will not have any type of agenda or scheduled goals for him. At age 9, his life needs to be about him now. He needs to learn what it can be like to enjoy life just being a horse.