Scarlet is a sassy little cutie who has managed to outsmart and out-intimidate her previous owners. This behavior eventually led to her being dumped in a very bad place, but luckily for Scarlet, she eventually ended up here with us. Scarlet is approximately 28 inches tall and 3 yrs old. She has been both a challenge to work with and a constant source of entertainment. Scarlet will need a human who can gently but firmly stand their ground to her. Once Scarlet realizes her shenanigans will not be accepted, he demeanor changes quite drastically. Scarlet was very honery to the other horses when first introduced, but has now learned to interact successfuly. She is no longer in constant Defense mode and overall seems much happier. She is still a little pushy when leading, and will need her human to work with her and establish who is actually doing the leading. Scarlet had never been around dogs before, but no longer feels the need to chase them. She is affectionate and funny, but also a bit of a little booger. She will steal your Heart for sure. Contact us if you would like to schedule a meet with this little fluffball