** SHYLO IS A 22 YR old BLM Mustang from Palomino Butte. Shylo worked as a ranch horse for several years at the Shy Ranch in Colorado He was then sold in his late teens to a couple in eastern Oregon. He was very loved for a couple of years, and then the family fell on very hard times. We were asked to take Shylo in and find him a loving, lasting home. Shylo needed a tune up as he had been sitting in a field for about 2 years. So I introduced myself, let him get to know me, and then started riding. What a joy this horse is to work with! We have spent about 40 hours of riding time together, and we have enjoyed every moment of it. There is absolutely nothing this lovely boy won’t do for you once you’ve earned his trust. He is phenomenal. Big, strong and solid both in body and mind. I personally will be honored to find him his own loving human, but I will also be very, very sad to see him go. ….