Skye is a gorgeous Yakima Mustang mare, standing at 15.1 H. Her age is yet to be determined. Skye is still in the gentling phase of her training and will not be available for a couple more months. This is one of our favorite horses here at AAM. She tries harder than anyone. She is still very  motivated by flight mode, but works so hard to fight that instinct. She wants badly to connect and overcome her fear, and we are working steadily to help her through this. She is amazingly responsive to vocal praise, you can see her eyes and body relax immnediately when she realizes she is being praised. Skye is extremely intelligent and very sensitive to her surroundings, both human and equine. We are both excited and honored to have her here with us. Every time we work with her we move a little more forward in her training. For those of you who have gentled mustangs, you know how remarkable this is.  She is going to be an amazing partner for someone soon