Tesla is a 13 year old BLM Mustang mare from Stinking water hma. Tesla has been through alot since being thrust into the world of humans. Unfortunately a lot of it was not good. Fortunately, Tesla has had some very caring people backing her for the past two years, and she is now well on her way to being an amazing equine partner. Tesla is a phenomenal trail horse. Powerfully built, she can sit for months and then go out on a 20 mile ride without breaking a sweat. A natural athelete she would excel at Endurance or Cross Country Eventing, she loves to jump on the course!. She has amazing hooves. Tesla requires a home where she will be ridden frequently. She does well in the arena also, but does not do well with prolonged inactivity. This horse was built for riding. Tesla is for Experienced riders only. Most importantly, She needs a Human to connect with and build a lasting partnership. Tesla will give everything she has to the Human who wins her heart.