Valentino (Tino)



Tino is a 5 yr old quarter horse gelding who absolutely loves to kiss and cuddle. From what we can gather of his story, he’d begun training and was somehow injured in the left shoulder area. The trauma of the injury caused his leg to rotate out severely. This injury is only visibly apparent when he stands or walks – when he trots or runs he appears normal. He shows no signs of pain, but the person who owned him at the time decided that it was easier to just take him to the feedlot, than to try and help him. Sadly, when Tino walked through the auction with his very visible gimp, he had no bidders, except the meat buyer.

This is when the story gets interesting….

Two ladies who’d attended the auction and seen that he’d received no bids, decided to walk by the pen where all the slaughter-bound horses were put. When they walked by, Tino came up to the panels and started nickering at them. He stuck his head through the panel for kisses, having no idea what his future held, he just saw humans and assumed that meant good things were going to happen. Lucky boy… they did.  The ladies melted, and bought him from the meat buyer.

Tino is now receiving physical therapy and deep tissue body work. We are hoping to get this sweet boy back to as “normal” as possible. He is responding well, absolutely loves the attention, so much that he doesn’t even require tieing when treated. Barbara, who is treating him, says he is already showing signs of improvement.  Tino is the first of our horses to go this special therapy program. Stay tuned ~